The countdown to net zero is on with the ActionZero EscoPod

Our patented multifunctional heat pump systems enable organisations like yours to realise their zero-emissions goals.

Creating and delivering solutions for a zero-emissions world

The EscoPod is a patented high temperature heat pump system delivering breakthrough market leading performance, helping customers in the industry, healthcare, hospitality and enterprise sectors achieve their net zero goals.

Utilising exclusive technology, the EscoPod is an integrated, modular thermal heating solution – with modules for process water, space heating, domestic hot water, and chilling. It’s configured specifically for your facilities requirements.

How can the EscoPod help your business?

The EscoPod solutions perform up to 30% better than competitors.

Time is running out. It's time to take action.

Less talk,
more action

When you choose ActionZero you choosing a fully managed turnkey solution. When we say we’re in it for the journey, we mean it. Unlike other providers, we’ll carry out the integration, operation and maintenance for you – leaving you to take care of your day-to-day business.

Here’s how we help:

Heat recovery
Superior heat recovery is an integral part of EscoPod systems. We deliver a higher system COP than competitors through detailed bespoke design.

Systems integration
Typically the heat pump is dropped at the customer’s gate, and all the integration pain is left to the customers. At ActionZero we deliver complete turnkey integration without disruption to operations.

Tailored solutions
We provide a managed service and customise our solution to your needs, including data, design, engineering, operations and maintenance.

Sectors we work with

We’re leading the action to create and deploy groundbreaking, self-funding solutions for a zero-emissions world across industrial, enterprise and commercial international markets.

Established in 2021 following the merger of the respected Energy Services and Straightline Energy Solutions, the road to net-zero starts here.

While Energy Services brings 20 years of energy and utility consultation experience as well as engineering and project management knowledge, after working with blue-chip MNCs and government and state agencies.  Straightline Energy Solutions brings patented technology and innovation through the EscoPod.

Our services

Decarbonising Heat

Discover the engineered solutions and patented technologies you need to eliminate carbon emissions, including the ActionZero EscoPod.

Strategic Consultation

Tap into our industry experience and get guidance on supply-side utilities, renewables, grid interconnection, and energy marketing.

Engineering & Project Management

Let us take the lead on energy projects to help deliver your decarbonisation goals without impacting productivity. 

Data Analytics

Harness the prescriptive and predictive data analysis power to improve and manage energy emissions at both macro and project levels.

Customer testimonials

Revolution through innovation

We needed an innovative solution that would totally reform our heat generation and distribution network and we found it in the EscoPod.

ABP Food Processing

The guidance and support of the team over the past 10 years has been key to our success and transition to becoming a global leader in decarbonisation.

Michael Dodd

Industries we can help

We help drive decarbonisation and energy efficiency across multiple industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, food and drink, and tech.

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Find out what’s new with ActionZero, what’s happening in the world of sustainability, and get tips on how your organisation can meet it’s energy efficiency targets.

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