EscoPod AZH – the EscoPod for Healthcare & Hospitality

The EscoPod AZH is a multi-functional, modular thermal system providing outputs for space heating, domestic hot water, and chilling in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Reaching net zero with the ActionZero EscoPod

The EscoPod AZH has been designed to be deployed in hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels.

Key benefits include:

  • Eliminate carbon emissions
  • Energy cost savings of up to 65%
  • Energy savings of up to 70%


Why choose the EscoPod AZH?

Multi-functional operation 

Space heating, domestic hot water, and chilling meaning the system provides very high utilisation and energy output, with the chilling output providing valuable energy performance and additional cost saving benefit.


Avoid costly and disruptive building fabric upgrades 

Our system has grown from high-temperature ultra-efficient industrial process water applications and now adapted for healthcare and hospitality. 

It provides boiler temperature water and COPs in excess of other heat pumps. They typically operate most efficiently at c.45 and need significant building fabric upgrades, our system can provide in excess of 80

This means for space heating circuits, you can avoid the need for very costly and disruptive

building fabric upgrades, as well as mechanical systems upgrades – a huge cost avoidance and business interruption benefit.

Chilling output 

In the current environment of high energy prices, the chilling output from our system provides a very valuable additional cost saving and energy benefit. Our system provides chilling as a free output, meaning you can displace existing chiller energy consumption for free – this means the

EscoPod still delivers an attractive ROI even with high electricity prices. 

Decarbonising the healthcare & hospitality sectors

 System integration 

We provide full turnkey system integration with your site systems without disruption to your operations, this includes identifying any opportunities to recover heat and use as a source for the heat pump, full electrical and mechanical integration, through to commissioning and Hand-over.


Operation and maintenance 

Post install, we provide ongoing operation and maintenance to ensure the system is maintained and operates at desired performance, this includes data analytics to measure and validate how the system is performing from cost, energy and carbon reduction perspectives as well as system COP.


Grant support

Decarbonising heat is now a key priority for governments across the world. 

The EscoPod qualifies for a range of grant supports and we are happy to manage the grant application process for you.  


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