Strategic Consultation

ActionZero enables our clients to achieve their climate goals through patented technology, engineering, project management and grant-funded solutions.

Net Zero & decarbonisation roadmap and strategy

We deliver a holistic approach to decarbonisation working with clients from strategy to project delivery to verification of savings. Our team provides each client with a tailored roadmap to achieve their net zero emissions goal as well as a solution that helps make meeting that goal pay for itself.

Energy management systems to ISO 50001 & 14064

ActionZero helps organisations adopt a systematic approach to how they manage energy and decarbonise operations, specialising in areas of international best practice, such as ISO 50001 & 14064. We help our clients to deliver organisation-wide change, efficiency and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We provide expert advice in:

– Energy management systems,
– Data analytics,
– Energy modelling, baselines and performance indicators,
– Measurement and verification to IPMVP,
– Training, awareness and engagement programmes,
– Regulatory compliance programmes (EU EED)
– Energy auditing to ISO 50002/EN 16247.

Our services help our clients to manage the entire range of energy streams for buildings, transport and industry.

Energy audits

Our team brings deep expertise, understanding and capability in the area of energy auditing, management and energy efficiency. Our experts are trained to industry recognised benchmarks, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) credential from AEE, Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) credential from AEE, and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) credential from EVO/AEE.

Energy markets, procurement & risk management

Energy price volatility presents significant opportunities and challenges for business and if these opportunities and challenges are to be managed, an appropriate strategy for sourcing and risk management of energy contracts is crucial.

We help organisations to actively manage the risk inherent in the purchasing of energy contracts, utilising our tailored sourcing and risk management strategy to translate risks into opportunities to ensure cost savings for our clients, while also delivering green and sustainable supply contracts.

We ensure our clients’ budgets are protected from increasing energy commodity prices, while maximising opportunities for savings during times of falling commodity prices.

We provide a range of procurement advisory services including:

Renewable energy technology assessments (solar PV, wind, renewable gas etc.)

We provide expert advice and technical support to a range of organisations in the energy supply side optimisation and engineering. We help organisations to green their energy supply through renewable energy integration, unlocking opportunities for additional revenue through onsite generation and demand response programmes, while also ensuring resilient and robust energy supply infrastructure

Transport decarbonisation

Transport Decarbonisation Roadmap – ActionZero will conduct a review of the fleet including the following:

Engineering & Project Management

ActionZero provides end-to-end project management services including:

Some of our Clients we have provided Project Management services for include: 

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