EscoPod AZE – the EscoPod for Enterprise

The EscoPod AZE is a high-temperature heat pump providing boiler water temperature for space heating applications to consumers in the Enterprise sector. This product range has been adapted from our ultra-efficient high temperature industrial range, scaled down and deployed in the Enterprise sector. The EscoPod AZE delivers high-temperature hot water to heating circuits at COPs comparable to medium temperature heat pumps. This means our customers avoid the need for extremely costly and disruptive building fabric upgrades, and mechanical system upgrades (typically radiators).

Designed with commercial sectors in mind

The AZE product line has been designed to be deployed in commercial office spaces, financial services and banking, insurance, and a range of medium/large scale customer facing facilities. 

The AZE comes into its own where buildings are older, listed buildings, where building fabric and mechanical system upgrades are very challenging, and where business interruption needs to be avoided.

Why choose EscoPod AZE?

Avoid costly and disruptive building fabric upgrades 

Our system has grown from high-temperature ultra-efficient industrial process water applications and now adapted for the enterprise sector.

It provides boiler temperature water and COPs in excess of other heat pumps. They typically operate most efficiently at c.45℃ and need significant building fabric upgrades, our system can provide in excess of 80℃. 

This means for space heating circuits, you can avoid the need for very costly and disruptive building fabric upgrades, as well as mechanical systems upgrades – a huge cost avoidance and business interruption benefit.

System Integration 

We provide full turnkey system integration with your site systems without disruption to your operations, this includes identifying any opportunities to recover heat and use as a source for the heat pump, full electrical and mechanical integration, through to commissioning and hand-over.


Grant Support

Decarbonising heat is now a key priority for governments across the world. 

The EscoPod qualifies for a range of grant supports and we are happy to manage the grant application process for you.  

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