The EscoPod AZI: For Industrial Application

The ActionZero EscoPod AZI is a high temperature, high efficiency heat pump system, using natural or ultra-low GWP refrigerant, that has been designed and built for industrial application.

Who is it intended for?

The ActionZero EscoPod AZI is a bespoke solution designed and built for each application, in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, life sciences and manufacturing sectors up to multi megawatt scale.

How does it work?

The ActionZero design and build process involves four key stages:

  1. A concept design study
  2. A detailed design study
  3. Heat pump build and project delivery
  4. Aftercare and performance validation


1. A concept design study 

ActionZero, utilizing over 40 years of experience, will analyse heat sources and heat demands, as well as constraints such as a power, location and noise, to create a heat pump concept for a given application. This concept is presented with a business case to the customer for review before progressing to the next stage – a detailed design study.

2. A detailed design study

A detailed design study involves creating comprehensive plans to design, build and integrate the heat pump with the customer’s specific requirements in mind. It builds on the concept design study to produce detailed system design specifications and costings for the heat pump and its full integration with the customer’s process. A design report is produced with a detailed business case and presented to the customer for an investment decision.

3. Heat pump build and delivery project

The heat pump is built offsite to meet the specific design criteria for each application. Key factors including system performance, redundancy and backup, modularity for future expansion, and ongoing operation and maintenance, are front and centre in converting a design to a finished heat pump system. This also includes the fabrication of any required thermal storage.

ActionZero will facilitate all required site works from project management, health and safety and site integrations right the way through to commissioning, via a turnkey managed service – without disrupting our customers operations.

4. Aftercare & performance validation

We offer a comprehensive aftercare, performance validation and condition monitoring package, using Siemens software. We can provide around the clock, remote monitoring by ActionZero engineers. Aswell as a customer-facing, data analytics dashboard – which allows our customers to monitor system performance and carbon reporting directly.

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