EscoPod AZI – the EscoPod for Industry

The EscoPod AZI provides heating for industrial processes at temperatures up to 95°C, with market leading performance and efficiency.

All-electric and hybrid - a versatile solution

With all-electric and hybrid (combined heat pump & gas micro-turbine system) product lines, the EscoPod AZI is an ultra-efficient & versatile solution that enables industry consumers to fully decarbonise heat while putting money in their pocket. 

The EscoPod AZI has been designed to be deployed in:

  • Meat and convenience food processing
  • Food and drink industry
  • Pharma/ biopharma
  • Maltings
  • Manufacturing


Why choose the EscoPod AZI?

Patented Technology

EscoPod is a patented heat pump system which captures source heat from air, water or chilling refrigerant and delivers to MT/HT HW, space heating, wash water loads, and achieves breakthrough efficiencies to meet both carbon reduction and cost saving goals. 


System Integration

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t view heat pumps as a commodity to be simply dropped at the customers gate. ActionZero provides full  turnkey  system  integration  for  the  EscoPod  into  your  existing  systems,  including  feasibility,  design,  installation and commissioning, with minimal disruption to operations. Put simply, this means the system is more efficient. 


Operations and Maintenance

ActionZero  provides  ongoing  operations  and  maintenance  up  to  a  10-year  term  so  you  can  be  assured  the  system  COP  performance is maximised in the long term.


Data Analytics and Performance Validation

ActionZero’s data analytics solution means you get full visibility in real time of system performance, with dashboards detailing carbon savings, energy savings and cost savings.

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