Decarbonising heat

Making sustainability profitable

Solving the problem of industrial-scale heating

The pathway to the elimination of fossil fuels through the clean production of electricity is clear, and the technology is already well developed. The decarbonisation of heating is more difficult.

Most heating used in industry is still carried out through the combustion of fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels to heat water is like burning your front door to stay warm, but alternative technologies are limited, leaving industry stuck in a self-defeating status quo.

The challenge is to efficiently deliver high-temperature water for industries that need it for processing, and for existing buildings that have been designed for high-temperature boiler systems, without compromising on productivity. That’s where ActionZero comes in.

New and sophisticated decarbonisation technology

Using 30+ years’ experience designing industrial refrigeration systems and high temperature specialised bespoke heat pump systems, ActionZero has developed a sophisticated range of All-Electric and Hybrid heat pumps, using both natural and ultra-low GWP refrigerants.

These new technologies and patented solutions allow businesses to replace fossil fuels entirely for industrial processes requiring hot water at temperatures up to 95°C, allowing businesses across industries to decarbonise their activities while increasing their efficiency.

Decarbonising heat with the ActionZero EscoPod

The ActionZero EscoPod is a patented decarbonisation technology that can replace the burning of fossil fuels entirely for temperatures up to 95°C, and wipe out the associated CO2 emissions from your business processes. 

Part of the ActionZero All-Electric range, the EscoPod delivers cost savings of up to 70%, and can lower organisational energy usage by as much as 70% overall, making the process of decarbonising your business not just pain-free, but profitable.

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