Data analytics

Using data to deliver energy and cost efficiencies

Tracking carbon consumption through machine learning

Energy and carbon data analytics uses statistical software, big data, and machine learning techniques to help companies understand and track their energy usage.

Using these techniques, we can analyse all aspects of our clients’ energy and carbon consumption, isolate problem areas, and implement improvements to improve performance.

Actionable insights on energy usage

ActionZero offers an energy and carbon analytics service which provides information and deep insights into the energy and carbon consumption of our clients. 

We provide analytics solutions that leverage energy and carbon data, and convert those learnings into actionable insights that help our clients boost their efficiency and meet their sustainability targets.

Helping you increase efficiency and cut costs

At ActionZero, we utilise our extensive technical and management experience to deliver essential carbon and environmental reporting on business activities.

Our insights help clients optimise their business processes both financially and environmentally, allowing you to increase efficiency and cut costs without impacting on productivity.

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