Engineering & project management

Delivering complex projects, sustainably

Driving projects while improving energy efficiency

We support our clients’ engineering and project management needs across all sectors to improve energy efficiency and performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy solutions to help create a sustainable world.

Our experience of engineering and project management through the lens of sustainability allows us to provide the tools and experience necessary to manage complex projects and deliver optimal results in the most energy-efficient way.

With you throughout the project lifecycle

We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-feasibility right through to design, operations and maintenance and onto commissioning and management.

  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Expert advice technical, financial, and environmental issues
  • Engineering design and health and safety during construction 

We also provide long-term operational management support services in support of our core EscoPod business.

Engineering solutions, built by engineers

We retain an experienced team of professional engineers who specialise in designing and delivering unique technical solutions that ensure projects meet the highest energy efficiency standards. 

Our team of engineers work closely with clients from strategy to implementation to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved in an efficient manner that adheres to industry best practice.

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