Engineering sustainability

The EscoPod is the future of energy saving. Utilising pioneering technology the Escopod provides considerable gains, both environmental and financial, to clients seeking optimised efficiency and value.


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Harnessing technology to achieve net zero status

When you choose ActionZero you choose a fully funded solution.

The road to a carbon-neutral society may seem long but our experts are in it for the journey, supporting clients with a layered service tailored to their needs.

From concept to engineering design, and implementation and beyond to operation and maintenance, our services are all-encompassing.

Milestone services on that route map include:

  • Delivering patented technology to decarbonise heat.
  • Sharing our engineering and project management expertise to deliver a zero-emissions operation.
  • Providing data analytics solutions to measure and validate for carbon, energy and cost.
  • Managing performance through ongoing operation and maintenance services.


We’re leading the action to create and deploy groundbreaking, self-funding solutions for a zero emissions world across industrial, enterprise and consumer global markets.

Established in 2021 following the merger of the respected Energy Services and Straightline Energy Solutions, the road to zero starts here.

While Energy Solutions brings 20 years of energy and utilities consultation experience as well as engineering and project management knowledge after working with blue chip MNCs and government and state agencies, Straightline Energy Solutions brings patented technology and innovation through the Escopod.