Taking action to deliver a zero-emissions world

ActionZero is an industry leader, creating and deploying groundbreaking, self-funding solutions for a zero-emissions world across industrial, enterprise and consumer global markets.

Established in 2021 following the merger of the respected Energy Services and Straightline Energy Solutions, the road to zero starts here.


Revolution through innovation

While Energy Services brings more than 20 years of energy and utility consultation experience as well as engineering and project management knowledge after working with blue-chip MNCs, government and state agencies, Straightline Energy Solutions brings patented technology and innovation through the Escopod.

The EscoPod integrates advanced heat pump technologies with heat recovery and our patented technology, enabling the generation of heat in a highly energy-efficient and sustainable way.

This innovative technology allows our customers to become fossil fuel-free, generating their heat requirements emissions-free using green renewable electricity. This means we make our customer's sites carbon neutral.

The future is brighter when we take action together and the combination of two decarbonisation powerhouses is set to pave the way for a new way of working towards a carbon-neutral society.


Why choose us?

The countdown to 2050 is well and truly on as we strive towards an emissions-free future.

Climate action is no longer just a talking point. It's a global priority with international plans to halve emissions in the next decade.

That’s why ActionZero is proud to offer a multi-faceted service with patented innovative technology and decades of experience at its core.


Defining the future of carbon-neutral energy 

Our services expand for the entire decarbonisation journey for our clients – from concept to engineering design along with implementation to operation and maintenance.

We offer a local, funded solution for a global issue as we harness the power of technology to help clients meet their net zero goal.

With our expertise, your sustainable future is more than just an ambition.



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