Denis Collins: Firms can mitigate their exposure to energy risks

Unless you spent the better part of the last decade living under a rock, you will be familiar with the ominous “winter is coming” quote made famous by HBO’s Game of Thrones. Who would have thought, three years after the show finished, that this quote would have eminent, real-world application? Earlier this year, fossil fuel prices […]

To tackle the climate crisis, we need more women engineers in Ireland

It’s no secret that we find ourselves in turbulent times. The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that Ireland’s current Climate Action Plan is insufficient to deliver on our legally binding targets. The energy crisis has reminded us of our overdependence on fossil fuels and highlighted the urgent need for more capacity in renewable alternatives. Every […]

Spotlight on Siona Daly, Energy Engineer at ActionZero

Tell us about your career to date? I was extremely fortunate to find my true calling in Sustainable Energy Consultancy very early on in my career. I have worked with incredible people, collaborated with brilliant organisations, and built relationships with wonderful clients. My career has taken me from small social enterprise work in Tipperary, to […]

Action Zero announces key partnership with Kepak in €15m strategic energy solutions deal

ActionZero has announced a €15m strategic green partnership with the leading Irish-based international food company, Kepak. The initial project with Kepak is valued at €2.3m at its Athleague plant in Co. Roscommon. This multi-million euro project will roll out across Kepak Group’s 10 sites in the coming years. ActionZero can achieve 60% cost savings and […]