Day in the Life of an AZ Finance Intern

Our finance intern, Megan Davies has been with us for roughly six months and we thought it would be good to have a check in with her to see how things are going. In preparation for this, she has kindly written a blog about what a typical day at ActionZero looks like for her.

Thanks for all your contributions, Megan. Your hard work ethic, eagerness to learn and positive attitude are great assets to the AZ team. You will be greatly missed in September! You can read more about her experience below:


Tell us about yourself (when did you start, what is your role)

I will be going into final year – Year 4 – of my Accounting Degree in MTU Cork. As part of 3rd year, we have the option on taking part in work placement. I began working in ActionZero in January of 2023, as a financial intern.


Tell us about your role at AZ (what are your responsibilities)

I work with different accounting systems used by the company. I work closely with Simon and Elaine and have helped draft policies and format them to the company template. I also undertake preparatory monthly account analysis, as well as analysis of timesheets. I liaise with members of the ActionZero team and our suppliers and assist in raising PO’s.


What does an average day look like in your role (what tasks do you perform, who do you interact with etc.)

My average day consists of liaising with my colleagues, during meetings or over emails. I usually prepare data for review by either Elaine (Operations Coordinator) and Simon (Interim CFO). If any changes are required, I make these and submit the data for a final approval and then upload it to the system.


Do you work in the office, remotely or a mix (Hybrid)? How do you find it?

I work both in the office and remotely. I quite enjoy the hybrid mix as it gives me a wonderful variety of new experiences. Working remotely can be challenging – from having experienced it in my first year of college it can be difficult to engage with colleagues and being able to work in the office and communicate in person provides a different perspective and immediate guidance where necessary.


What is your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy the different aspects of my internship. Part of working in the Finance Department of a small company means I get to take part in a variety of tasks. I greatly enjoy working with the members of my team. They always take the time to explain what they’re doing and answer my questions, they also give me pointers and advice to help me in my future career.


What would you like someone who’s interested in applying to our internship program in the future to know?

This was my first time working in an office environment, so I didn’t know what to expect. The team is extremely kind and supportive, and I am so grateful to everyone at ActionZero for helping me and making me feel included. My department has been supportive and has provided me with great opportunities. I would definitely recommend working as an intern with ActionZero. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and it has been a wonderful learning experience.


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