Responding to the Engineering Skills Gap: Upskilling

We all hear about the shortage of engineers in industry, and recognise that the strategically successful organisations are those that have embraced diversity and inclusion policies; not only to attract engineers from different cultures, ethnicities, genders etc. but to also offer a psychologically safe work environment to ensure their retention. All of this is necessary […]

Firms can mitigate their exposure to energy risks

Unless you spent the better part of the last decade living under a rock, you will be familiar with the ominous “winter is coming” quote made famous by HBO’s Game of Thrones. Who would have thought, three years after the show finished, that this quote would have eminent, real-world application? Earlier this year, fossil fuel prices […]

To tackle the climate crisis, we need more women engineers in Ireland

It’s no secret that we find ourselves in turbulent times. The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that Ireland’s current Climate Action Plan is insufficient to deliver on our legally binding targets. The energy crisis has reminded us of our overdependence on fossil fuels and highlighted the urgent need for more capacity in renewable alternatives. Every […]

IPCC reaction: We’re running out of time

The window of opportunity to protect the world from the irreversible damage of climate change is closing and we’ve only ourselves to blame. Human actions are fuelling dangerous disruption to our climate at alarming speed. Failure to act will result in consequences more serious than predicted and we only have a tiny window to stop […]

­The link between carbon prices and energy in Ireland

By Gerry O’Sullivan, ActionZero Energy Risk and Procurement Manager Over recent years we have all become more conscious of the role that carbon dioxide (CO2) plays in speeding up the global warming of our planet and the catastrophic impacts of this. However, what is less evident to most of us is exactly how carbon emissions […]

Do heat pumps signal the death knell for conventional gas and boilers?

The conversation surrounding climate change has become more heated – quite literally – in recent months since COP26. It was at the global climate conference in Glasgow last October that the need for urgent action became clear if we’re to protect the world as we know it. The main takeaway from the summit was undeniable. […]

Recent surge in natural gas prices is the stuff of nightmares

By Tim Cramer, ActionZero Consulting Services Manager Finding most European’s prevailing nightmare is a tricky business: whatever political situation spooks those in one part of the continent may be of scant concern to those on the other end. COVID-19 is one contender, as it has made life dull from Dublin to Dusseldorf and beyond. Another […]

Lack of planning preventing Ireland from being a global leader in offshore wind

ActionZero met with Professor Jerry Murphy, a leading thinker in renewable energy, to discuss the challenges preventing Ireland from being a global hub for offshore wind, and why it’s so important to Ireland’s net-zero future.   Offshore wind farms, as the name suggests, are large-scale turbine constructions mounted on floating platforms built out in the […]

Dress well when you’re going bad

Moving the dial for climate action from talk to action and the need for every job to be a climate action job.  By Harry O’Farrell, ActionZero Chief Commercial Officer  When I look back to where my own career journey began in the electrical trades some 20 or so years ago, I had the privilege of […]

Never waste a good crisis

An opinion editorial from Action Zero CEO Denis Collins on why we should never waste a good crisis – as seen in The Evening Echo. Never waste a good crisis – as the saying goes. Unfortunately, we are.    And this is the motherlode of crises but also so of opportunity. I’m talking about climate action.   […]