IPCC reaction: We’re running out of time

The window of opportunity to protect the world from the irreversible damage of climate change is closing and we’ve only ourselves to blame.

Human actions are fuelling dangerous disruption to our climate at alarming speed. Failure to act will result in consequences more serious than predicted and we only have a tiny window to stop the worst ravages, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said.

Hundreds of climate experts, thousands of research studies, eight years of work building on decades of research before that have all led to the one conclusion.

We’re running out of time.

Global temperatures are rising at record levels for the first time in human history and some of the ramifications will be irrevocable, the sixth report has revealed. 

The only solution is to dramatically cut greenhouse gases this decade if we’ve to save the world as we know it.


Warning signs were there in 1990

The IPCC, a body of the world’s leading climate experts, first reported on the potential consequences of rising greenhouse gas emissions in 1990.

That study was integral in the formation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 and the parent treaty to the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Yet we still find ourselves in this dire situation.

And to be frank, this IPCC warning is the final straw. 

“The scientific evidence is unequivocal: climate change is a threat to human wellbeing and the health of the planet,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner, a co-chair of working group 2 of the IPCC.

“Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future.”

What more do we need to hear to start taking this seriously?

The impact of allowing global temperatures to increase by more than 1.5 degrees won’t just happen on pages of reports, it’ll happen in our communities. 

More than 3.3 billion people live in areas that are “highly vulnerable” to climate change. Millions face food and water shortages – even at current global temperature levels. Coastal areas around the world and many low-lying islands face serious flooding.

Sitting back and allowing negative change to happen is no longer an option. 

We know the issue, we know the consequences so what is the solution?

Time for a green industrial revolution

Accelerating the roll out of technology, with a focus on electrification and renewable electricity is imperative if we’re to reach net zero status by 2050.

Replacing traditional boiler systems with heat pumps will play a major role in decarbonising heat, which in domestic, industrial and commercial settings currently accounts for more than a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Now is the time for a green industrial revolution. 

We must scale up the development and roll-out of green technology through engineering apprenticeship opportunities for the next generation and retraining of those already masters of their field.

Switching mindset isn’t easy and yes there are limitations to rolling out technology.  For example, constraints on the electricity grid as we electrify and need to tackle building fabric upgrades as we scale up heat pump deployment, but that doesn’t mean we do nothing.

Making sustainability profitable 

At ActionZero we’re committed to creating and deploying global solutions for an emissions free world. 

Our patented, multifunctional heat pump system, the ActionZero EscoPod, enables organisations to eliminate carbon emission and fossil fuels and more.

It’s no secret that I believe to make sustainability happen, it needs to be profitable and that’s what the EscoPod does.  There are innovative solutions coming like our own high temperature heat pump system that will address the challenges. 

The EscoPod is a multi-function thermal heating solution, configured specifically for individual company production processes to deliver breakthrough COP efficiencies as well as cost savings of up to 70%.

Our high temperature solutions greatly diminish the need for costly and disruptive building fabric and mechanical system upgrades.  

The pace of decarbonisation is critical – we can’t let “perfection be the enemy of good”. 

When clients choose ActionZero and the EscoPod, they choose a full turnkey system that integrates into existing systems with minimal disruption.

With the window of opportunity to protect the planet almost closed, we can’t just sit back and not push for change.

ActionZero is proud to be on the front line in the battle against climate change and we’ll do all we can to stop irreversible change.

But there’s power in numbers.

We need to see industry reform, a roll out of technologies and a diversification of skill if we’re to make any real difference.

The road to zero isn’t as long as we might think – are you ready to join us on it?



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