€9m for new research centre will help Irish agriculture align with Ireland’s sustainable future

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, confirmed during a recent trip to County Wexford that the existing Teagasc agricultural research centre in Johnstown Castle will be expanded and enhanced, with €9 million in funding having been committed to improvements that will help Irish agriculture operate more sustainably.  Johnstown Castle is Ireland’s leading […]

Are humans better than bacteria?

By John O’Leary, Chief Technology Officer at ActionZero After COP26, I am reminded of the typical growth curve of bacteria in a petri dish. There is the initial lag phase whilst the colony establishes itself, followed by exponential growth as the colony thrives. Then, as nutrients are depleted, and toxic by-products increase in concentration, comes […]

COP26: Less talk, more action

By Denis Collins, ActionZero CEO All eyes turn to Glasgow as COP26 draws to a close. Seeing the banks of the Clyde, once an industrial powerhouse, playing host to one of the most important summits in UK history has been remarkable. This river and area, famous for its contribution to boating and ship building, is […]