To make sustainability happen, make it profitable

Yes, we used the “P” word.

When it comes to the strategic agenda, sustainability should take pride of place at the top of the priority list.

Just as it’s important for us to consider our own personal footprint on the world, companies should be no different.

A company is more than just a faceless entity.  It’s people. 

It’s a thriving community of individuals, forging forward towards a common goal. It’s only natural that sustainability should be an integral part of that. 


Not only is it good business, especially following COP26, but it can also have a positive impact on the bottom line. We as business leaders must continue to shape our solutions and portfolios in this direction. 

As CEO of ActionZero I know what my priorities are as I strive towards both personal and professional targets.

As a company proud to be a driving force behind Ireland’s net-zero future, it’s understandable and possibly easy for me to say that sustainability is integral to the success of our business. For others, it can be difficult to prioritise sustainability and deliver tight profit margins when trying to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


Sustainability secures long-term value

Next to agility, sustainability is recognised as the most valuable strategy necessary to be competitive and grow a healthy business. Recognising the impact a business has on the world we live in isn’t just about taking responsibility, it’s about securing long-term value for stakeholders and satisfying their needs.

When we talk about stakeholders it isn’t just about board members and investors. Employees, customers, suppliers, communities, governments and trade associations are all stakeholders and it’s important to meet the needs of each of those individuals. It’s us. 

We must change our business mindset to focus less on the immediate financial profits of share prices and bonuses and instead consider a company’s wider footprint economically, socially and environmentally.

Instead of considering just one bottom line, we must consider three.


Do sustainable business practices need to come at a cost?

However, to make sustainability happen, we must strive to make it profitable. The proverbial “win-win”. 

People actively want to engage and buy from companies that do the right thing and companies with a clear sustainability plan will attract the best talent yet naysayers will claim that sustainable business practices come at a cost.

At ActionZero. we specialise in making sustainably work with the bottom line. Reducing waste, harnessing efficient energies and minimising carbon emissions isn’t something we can continue to discuss in the boardroom. It’s time to take action and we need to take it now.

The ActionZero EscoPod uses patented technology to provide a fully-funded turnkey solution to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Our experts appreciate that no two definitions of sustainability are the same, which is why we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes to integrate a plan, technology, and analytics into their current practices. 

The future of the planet is in our hands and to achieve real and meaningful change we all must play our part.

Sustainability is more than just a 9-5 job but it’s a good place to start if we’re to hit the bottom-line jackpot – socially, environmentally and financially. 


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