Action Zero announces key partnership with Kepak in €15m strategic energy solutions deal

ActionZero has announced a €15m strategic green partnership with the leading Irish-based international food company, Kepak.

The initial project with Kepak is valued at €2.3m at its Athleague plant in Co. Roscommon. This multi-million euro project will roll out across Kepak Group’s 10 sites in the coming years. ActionZero can achieve 60% cost savings and reduce energy requirements by up to 70% in the deployment of its unique innovative thermal heating and distribution system called the “EscoPod”.

Kepak group CEO Simon Walker said: “Kepak fully recognises the importance of taking strong climate action. The ActionZero EscoPod system will make a huge contribution to our 2030 group sustainability targets, delivering impressive cost savings and a strong return on investment. The project will play a key role in delivering our group sustainability strategy.”

The project will decarbonise heat and reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% eliminating over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

ActionZero CEO Denis Collins said: “This is a landmark sustainability moment for the food sector – removing carbon emissions, increasing productivity, lowering cost.  To make sustainability happen, we need to make it profitable, and that’s exactly what we are doing with the ActionZero EscoPod. Kepak are taking a big step on their sustainability journey, supported by our ground-breaking EscoPod technology – we are delighted to be supporting them with this pioneering project for decarbonisation of heat in the food sector.”

ActionZero continues to make its mark on Irish and UK food manufacturers, and also provides solutions for the healthcare, hospitality and leisure sectors. From its new suite of offices in Cork city ActionZero provides technical engineering solutions together with consulting services including: energy management, procurement and risk management as well as project management expertise.


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