ActionZero and EuroFarms partner on food industry solution to reduce carbon emissions

ActionZero and Eurofarm Foods have announced a collaboration that will set out to decarbonise heat in the processing of meat.

A solution was designed and built in Ireland and was installed in the Duleek, Co Meath site with the objective of eliminating oil fired steam boilers from the site and reducing CO2 emissions and prime energy use. 

Eurofarm Foods CEO Michael Fox said: “Our number one priority is the food safety and quality of the food that we produce. Hot water demand for plant hygiene and sterilisation of equipment to ensure a clean production process for food safety was an enormous cost, both financially and environmentally.

“Now, with the EscoPod, we have massively reduced our energy use and carbon emissions, whilst improving control of our hot water requirements.”

General Manager of Eurofarm, Ciaran Boyle said “Decarbonisation of heat is not easy, but when you achieve it whilst also making financial savings and improving the process that guarantees food quality – it’s a win/win.

“We’re looking forward to the result of a review with ActionZero to determine the next step towards zero carbon.”

Due to grid constraints, the patented Hybrid EscoPod version was chosen. A heat-pump solution, powered with electricity generated by LPG driven microturbines, delivers water at >85°C. The existing oil-fired steam boiler was replaced entirely.

Also, the patented EscoPod blending system reliably manages the delivery of hot water to process at the various temperatures required. Financial savings of 65%, and CO2 savings of over 850 tonnes/yr. were achieved.

Denis Collins, ActionZero CEO said: “This is a pioneering moment for the food processing industry.

“This collaboration between ActionZero and Eurofarms has produced a ground-breaking moment for the decarbonisation of hot water and heat – significantly lowering emissions and cost – a perfect storm.

“We respect Eurofarm’s vision, industry leadership and courage. We will accelerate our ActionZero Escopod solution across industry.

“It also accelerates the ActionZero family of companies to support Ireland and beyond – a moonshot moment to decarbonise Ireland, build/deploy critical global export products and markets, deliver green hydrogen energy, accelerate renewables integration.”


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