ActionZero partners with Bon Secours Health System in group wide deal to reduce carbon emissions

Green energy company ActionZero has announced a partnership with Bon Secours Health System to drastically reduce carbon emissions across the group’s network of hospitals.

The deal will see ActionZero’s dedicated heat pump system for the healthcare industry installed in hospitals.

The EscoPod AZH heats water for use throughout the complex without the need for fossil fuels. The first project will be delivered at the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee, with plans to roll out the technology across the healthcare group’s six sites in Ireland.

The ActionZero healthcare system is multi-functional, providing space heating, domestic hot water and chilling. It delivers boiler-temperature hot water to space heating circuits at high-efficiency, diminishing the need for costly and disruptive building fabric and mechanical systems upgrades.

ActionZero is headquartered in Cork and is opening a Research and Development facility in Tralee, Co. Kerry. The EscoPod AZH system will also be manufactured in Tralee.


Bon Secours Group is committed to climate action

Speaking of the partnership, Bon Secours Group Director of Supply Chain Paul Foley said: “As a leading healthcare provider we recognise the importance of strong committed climate action. The links between fossil fuel use and the risks they pose to the environment, health and wellbeing of people across the world are well understood.

“The ActionZero EscoPod healthcare solution will enable us to work toward eliminating our use of fossil fuels, greatly reduce our carbon and climate impact, and make us a more sustainable organisation. This aligns with our recently launched 2025 Strategic Plan – Exceptional People delivering Exceptional Care and Operational Excellence achieving Sustainable Growth whilst Living our Mission.”

ActionZero CEO Denis Collins added, “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Bon Secours, they are showing committed leadership to climate action and we are delighted to be able to support them achieve their goals.

“At ActionZero we continue to invest in R&D and new product development – our new EscoPod AZH solution will enable healthcare organisations address the very significant challenge that is decarbonising heat, and it will do it while putting money in our customers pockets, a win/win where commercial opportunity meets social good.

“The fact that the EscoPod will be manufactured in Tralee and installed in the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee is a fabulous story for local jobs and climate action.


Project is a “big step forward” in carbon reduction goals

Bon Secours Tralee Hospital CEO TJ O’Connor continued: “Sustainability is a key challenge for all organisations globally – with this project we are taking a big step forward in delivering our carbon reduction goals for Tralee and the wider Bons group.

“The Bons hospital is part of the community of Tralee, and we are really pleased to be working with a partner in ActionZero who are now also part of the community in Tralee.

“This is good news for the environment, for local jobs in Tralee, and for the Bon Secours Group and ActionZero.”

ActionZero is working with companies to deploy the new technology across a range of industries including healthcare, hospitality, industrial, commercial and public sectors.

It will enable the facilities to become fossil fuel free, generating their heat requirements emissions-free using green renewable electricity.

This article also appeared in the Cork Echo, click here to read more. Or if you’re interested in finding out how ActionZero can support your carbon emissions goals, get in touch here.


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